Pulse Stimulation Treatment (PSTIM)

Pulse Stimulation Treatment (PSTIM)

If you or a loved one has been struggling with unmanageable pain and are getting little relief with traditional medications, PSTIM™ may be the answer.

Pulse Stimulation Treatment (PSTIM™) is an FDA approved pain treatment program.

PSTIM is a percutaneously placed microchip-controlled pulsed neurotransmitter. It provides a continuous flow of intermittent, low frequency electrical pulses to specific peripheral nerves with end locations in the ear relieving many types of acute and chronic pain.

PSTIM™ is percutaneously placed behind the ear and weighs only seven grams. Once installed, PSTIM™ provides a steady current of low frequency electrical impulses which continues to provide peripheral nerve stimulation for four consecutive days.

Battery powered, and controlled by a microchip, PSTIM™ is minimally invasive and is applied in an economical time frame. Recommended treatment consists of an initial assessment and placement session, followed by up to eight additional weekly treatments. The results of continuing clinical studies demonstrate that specific stimulation of peripheral nerve endings located in the auricular region not only relieve pain, but also seem to regulate secondary effects common in pain patients such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Randomized, controlled studies indicate that after initial treatments, 75% of patients describe a reduction in pain, with further accumulation of relief in subsequent treatments. Some patients, having solely relied upon narcotic drug therapies, have been able to discontinue the use of these conventional methods.

PSTIM™ can be used to treat pain from a variety of medical conditions. Take the next step.

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