About the Eagle Advancement Institute

Eagle Advancement Institute™ has a reputation as an industry leader in innovative substance abuse reversal and abstinence treatments with our Clarity™ and Temperance™ programs. Eagle Advancement Institute™ is also currently active in researching and introducing progressive treatments for alternative forms of pain management through our Relief™ program.

Eagle Advancement Institute™ excels in providing our clients with the most advanced, compassionate care and therapies available to maximize their recovery potential, and vigorously explore and introduce the newest innovative treatment technologies.

Eagle Advancement Institute™ was founded by accomplished anesthesiologists and addiction professionals who are experts in the fields of opiate addiction and pain relief. Eagle Advancement Institute™ currently provides and will continue to research the most advanced therapies available for drug and alcohol addiction and pain management.

Before making a treatment choice, take a moment to meet our team. Our Eagle Advancement Institute™ medical professionals have over 40 combined years or experience and exceed board and industry standards. You can be confident that your safety and comfort will be our first and only consideration.

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