Eagle Clarity™ wants you to be involved in your care and and have a fully inclusive program.

Options Include:

  1. Medications ( pre-procedure, and post-procedure always included)
  2. Transportation*
  3. Naltrexone therapy**
  4. Clarity Continuing Care™
  5. Clarity Comforts
  6. Hotel (Marriott Courtyard local to Eagle West Bloomfield Location)
  7. Pricing Advantage™
  8. Eagle Media™ (recovery aids)

* Outstate clients are responsible for transportation to local area.
**Naltrexone format may require Clarity Continuing Care compliance.

Clarity™, Clarity Plus™, Clarity Advantage™

Clarity™ Unique Pick Your Package

Screening, pre op diagnostics Included Included Included
Pre op medications Included Included Included
Post op medications Included Included Included
Narcotic block, pre op, OR, Recovery, professional fees, procedural medications Included Included Included
Naltrexone (Opiate Antagonist) Procedural (30 days <) 1 Year (90 Days IM balance orals ) $180
12 Months IM
Psychological Support Client responsibility, waiver requirement, proof of 3rd party involvement Pre op assessment, Team Eagle professional oversight of after care plan Pre op sessions with Team Eagle professional, client and designated support individual, on site delivery of after care plan, 1 year of monthly follow up
Scheduling Procedural day determined by Eagle – subject to 10% non-refundable deposit Tuesday – Thursday procedure scheduling subject to 10% non-refundable deposit Client Choice / Rescheduling flexibility within 30 days, no loss of deposit / 15% surcharge for weekend recovery
Ground Transportation Client responsibility $220.00 Private Van / Hotel Transport Private Limo Service
Lodging Client responsibility (must be Eagle regional designate)(Marriott $89.00 nightly) $220.00 Standard room
(3 nights)
Upgraded lodging (suite) (3 nights)
Personalized Support
(off site)
Paramedic or nurse on site, requires client support individual and waiver (Eagle approved) $170.00 Paramedic or nurse on site, supplemented by dedicated (same) one on one 6 hours post op $1800.00 24/7 (72hours)
personalized care giving (dedicated nurse or paramedic)
Clarity Comforts Client Responsibility $180.00 Food & OTC Med Pack for post op comfort
Local Restaurant Gift Card
  Food & OTC Pack Local Restaurant Gift Card Eagle Concierge Service
Eagle Media (Clarity) Dr. Urshels Healing the Addicted Brain   Dr. Urshels Healing the Addicted Brain, I Tune Gift Card Dr. Urshels Healing the Addicted Brain, I Tune Gift Card, Kindle Reader
Financial Allowances None   5% cash discount
Eagle “Pay it Forward” “Made in Michigan” Eligible
5% cash discount
Eagle “Pay it Forward” “Made in Michigan” Eligible
10% Military Discount
Pricing $6900.00   $8500.00   $11,500.00 

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Eagle Visa Card
Eagle Vanity CardEagle Advancement Institute’s pre-payable Visa card – valid only for use at Eagle Advancement Institute centers. This will allow friends, family, community groups and employers to contribute to the cost of your procedure with the assurance that the funds will be used only for your recovery. The Eagle Advancement Institute Visa card is only good at our facilities. It may be loaded from multiple sources, wire transfer, ACH, Credit Card, from multiple people in different geographical locations. In this manner if you do not have all the funds necessary for a procedure, friends and family from anywhere in the world can help you towards a better life with the guarantee that dollars contributed can only be used at Eagle. ” The Eagle Card helped me save for my procedure, my friend paid the rest because she knew the money could only be used at the clinic”. Tom, Michigan.

Eagle will also accept cashiers, certified, and personal checks at the center. Personal checks cannot be considered the “same as cash” and if the funds are not available upon your arrival at the center your deposit may not be refundable.

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