Clarity Continuing Care™

Eagle Advancement Institute’s Clarity™ complete package includes our exclusive aftercare program, Clarity Continuing Care™.

Our addiction experts know that the first year of addiction recovery is critical. Without support, up to 70% of addicts relapse within a year. Studies indicate that comprehensive, available aftercare with qualified professionals increases the likelihood for a sustained recovery.

Clarity Continuing Care™ offers a relapse prevention program that is designed to meet your individual needs. We provide a confidential, innovative program that is designed to fit your lifestyle. Our addiction specialists provide evidence-based treatment using the latest technology and convenience for you

Clarity Continuing Care™ focuses on five (5) key components.

  • Bio-psycho-social Assessment
  • Interpretive Summary
  • Significant Other/Family Education
  • Medical and Alternative Support Therapies
  • Individualized Aftercare Plan

Bio-psycho-social Assessment
Prior to your procedure, Team Eagle professionals will engage in confidential one to one interviews with you and your caregiver/significant other. This interview is designed to gain crucial information regarding your addiction history to enable our Team Eagle professionals and physicians to design your customized recovery aftercare plan. This will include:

  • Patient self assessment
  • Review of presenting problems
  • Medical conditions
  • Substance abuse history
  • Employment Status
  • Family of origin assessment
  • Support systems

Interpretative Summary
Our Team Eagle professionals will summarize all of the assessment information, meet with our physician and together, they will plan your opiate reversal and aftercare plan.

Significant Other/Family Education
Significant others and family members are greatly impacted by a loved one’s addiction. The goal of our education program is to increase the understanding of the impact that the addictive behavior has on all significant relationships and to provide tools that will support the addicts return to a drug-free lifestyle. These tools include:

  • Addiction Education
  • Family Roles Education
  • Coping strategies for changing unhealthy behavior patterns
  • Developing personal recovery plan for significant other/family members.

There is great hope for you and your significant others for a life free from the devastation of addiction. Eagle is committed to seeing you and your loved ones through. During your procedure, our addiction therapists will meet with your loved ones to provide them with these valuable tools.

Medical and Alternative Support Therapies
Eagle has medical aftercare therapies that will address any underlying conditions present at the time of your opiate reversal procedure. These therapies will help diminish the symptoms without the use of traditional addictive drugs. Just a few of these innovative therapies are listed below.

Available in oral, implantable, or injectable formulas, Naltrexone is an opiate blocker which will eliminate further cravings for drugs. As part of our complete package and continued compliance with Clarity Continuing Care™, Clarity™ will include one (1) year of Naltrexone™ therapy.

Individualized Aftercare Plan
Clarity Continuing Care™ includes:

Weekly, individual mobile or internet sessions with our licensed addiction therapists enabling one to one contact with a therapist, scheduled within your time constraints.

Weekly confidential and anonymous online group sessions, allowing you to participate in a therapist facilitated group with other recovering addicts.

Weekly questionnaires electronically transmitted from our therapist directly to you will keep our therapists apprised of your recovery progress. If any recovery problems are indicated in your responses, our Clarity™ therapists will recognize them and can initiate immediate relapse prevention interventions.

Clarity™ wants you to be drug free for life. Clarity Continuing Care™ will be with you throughout your journey.

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